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Version: 1.9.2

Menu Bar

Open File#

Open project files, import 3D models or slice files.

Save Project#

Save all or selected models.

Screenshots and Records#

Take a screenshot or record a dynamic video of the screen.

Revoke or Redo#

Undo the last operation or redo the last undone operation.


Copy one or more selected models, and add the specified number of copied models to the current project.

Auto Layout#

Quickly layout the models in the project according to the set arrangement rule.


The selected models will be hollowed out according to the set hollowing parameters.

  • Wall thickness: the remaining cavity thickness of the operated object when hollowed out.
  • Precision: The number of triangles generated by the hollowed-out surface.
  • Infill Structure: Turn on/off to generate internal filling structure.
  • Hollowing process animation: display the hollowing animation when hollowing out (the actual hollowing progress is subject to the progress bar at the bottom).

Dig Hole#

The selected model is excavated according to the set hole parameters.

Repair Panel#

In the drop-down menu on the repair panel, you can choose Invert Normal or Auto Repair.

Invert Normal#

Flip the normals of all faces in the model.

Auto Repair#

Automatically detect and repair defects on the model, such as: normal flip, damage, etc.