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Version: 1.9.2

Update Printer Firmware

Unzip the Files#

Unzip all the files inside the update zip package.


Except for the UI file and logo file, all the files cannot change their names.

File Types#

File TypeDescriptionAuto-read and UpdateUpdated by Manually Print the File


update.LCD is the firmware file of the printer's main processor, which includes the firmware program and its version info.
Some ELEGOO printers may use update.SH4.
Some Phrozen printers may update.TWP.
YesAllow manually update
chitu_initial_file_autorunAutomatically runs the file list. Some printers' update packages may not contain this file.YesAllow manually update
.gcodePrinter parameter file, contains parameters of the printer or screen calibration info, etc.×Yes
.binRefers to the touch screen UI file generally.×Yes
.CBDFPGA core function file×Yes
.logoRefers to the power on logo file generally.×Yes

Under most circumstances, you only need to update the firmware file and the UI file.

How to Update#

Copy all the files, into the USB drive and place them in the root directory of the USB drive.


Only place all files under the root directory, not in any folder.

Power off the machine and insert the USB drive into the machine's USB port, followed by re-powering the machine.


Please use USB 2.0 Drive with capacity under (includes) 16GB.

After power on:

  1. Firmware update
    If the version of update.LCD in the U disk, and the current version on the controller board is not consistent, the controller board will take priority and automatically update this file, the touch screen will not light up at this time.
    But you can hear the buzzer tone, buzzer tone rhythm for, Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di~~~Di-Di.
    (5 short beeps, 1 long beep, 2 short beeps)
    After the firmware is updated successfully, the touch screen will light up and the program will start.

  2. Other file updates
    Then the controller board will automatically update the remaining files (except UI files, logo files), and display the update progress, when all the files to be updated are updated, the program will pop up [Print Complete] alert dialog.

    Click the Confirm button, then you will enter the main page of the program, and all files (except UI files and logo files) have been updated at this time.


If you need to update the UI file or logo file, then just print it manually.

Check Firmware Info#

Please check the firmware version after the update to confirm if the update is successful.

Click System


Check if the firmware was up-to-date,

  Info after this icon shows the version of current firmware.

What You Need To Do After The Update Is Completed#

In order to avoid repetitive firmware updates next time you want to use your USB drive on your printer, after you complete the update, you can remove all update files from the USB flash drive.